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Falling for Great Skin: Star Estheticians On Their Best “Undo Summer” Tips & Treatments

C’mon, fess up: despite slathering yourself with SPF and hiding out under one of those insanely huge (and Instagram-ubiquitous) Jacquemus “La Bomba” straw hats, you still managed to get a teensy-weensy bit of “color” this past summer.

Danielle Gamble, esthetician for the Sisley-Paris spa in New York City, swears by hexylresorcinol, a skin brightener found in the line’s Phyto-Blanc product range. “When performing a post-sun facial, I always use the Phyto Blanc Essence paired with a stabilized vitamin C like our Phyto-Blanc Intensive Serum,” she says.

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